Why is massage therapy so important on a regular basis? Massage has direct benefits for the body and mind. Massage helps to increase metabolism, helps speed healing, relaxes and refreshes the muscles, and improves blood circulation and the detoxifying functions of the body’s lymphatic (filtering) system. It also relieves fatigue, reduces tension and anxiety, calms the nervous system, and promotes relaxation, renews energy, and a sense of well-being.

Traditional Swedish Massage

The most familiar of all massage techniques, this massage works on the principle of rhythm, flowing compression of the muscles to induce both relaxation and rejuvenation.
30 Minutes: $55
60 Minutes: $75

Hot Stone Massage

A contemporary approach massage, Basalt lave stones are heated and gently rubbed over the body to intensify the effects of massage.
60 Minutes: $95

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

A deeper, stronger massage that is great for competitive athletes. This massage will help ease muscle soreness and tired joints from intense exercise.
30 Minutes: $75
60 Minutes: $95

Neuromuscular Massage

This treatment applies static pressure on specific points to relieve pain, increase circulation, as well as improving flexibility and range of motion.
60 Minutes: $150

Couples Massage

Relax together with any of our massage services, performed in a room for two.
60 Minutes: $150
Swedish: $150
Deep Tissue: $190

Reflexology Hand or Foot Massage

Based on the belief that different zones of the hand and foot correspond to individual parts of the body, this massage is perfect to relax the mind and relieve stress.
30 Minutes: $50

Pre-Natal Massage

Promotes relaxation, soothes nerves, and relieves strained back and leg muscles in expectant mothers during their second and third trimesters.
60 Minutes: $75
30 Minutes: $55

Ear Candling


Scalp Treatment

One of our most invigorating experiences, this treatment fights off environmental stress, while strengthening your hair and scalp.

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