Spa reservations:
We recommend that you book appointments in advance in order to receive your preferred date, time, and therapist for your services.

A credit card or gift certificate number is required to reserve all appointments.

Male and female therapists are available. Please let our staff know if either is acceptable for you.

Should you need to cancel:
We require at least 24 hours notice to cancel spa appointments.

Full payment is required for appointments canceled with less than 24-hours notice and missed appointments

Arrival times:
We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your treatment time to check in, change and begin the relaxation process. If you are late, we can offer you the time remaining on your treatment. A late arrival will deprive you of valuable treatment time. As a courtesy to the next guest, your treatment will end at the time originally scheduled.

Please let us know in advance:
Of any special conditions, we need to be aware of, such as pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart ailments or any condition that may be affected by heat therapies, massage or skin care.

We feel it is your privilege to show appreciation for great service, and, for this reason, we have not included a service charge. Please feel free to tip (15 – 20% is customary). If you are pleased with your treatment, let all your friends know. If you are not pleased with anything about your treatment, let our front desk staff know.

Cell Phone Use:
As a courtesy to others, please refrain from cell phone use during treatments and in spa lounge area.